Day six–Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, must I be so fat?…

She looks in the mirror and what does she see? Well, to be honest she sees everything that is wrong with her physically. She could choose to focus on the extra chunk around the middle…and top and bottom and…ok, all around. She doesn’t want to be one of those girls though. She’s a beautiful person even if it is mostly on the inside. It is more than some people, she keeps telling herself.

She knows she shouldn’t focus on her pale, somewhat translucent, skin or her ski jump of a nose. She shouldn’t even notice that one little tooth poking out of line. Her eyes shouldn’t glide over every curve and wrinkle. Her big flabby arms and teeny little wrists, shouldn’t really bug her. She should forgive herself for making her once beautiful lips victims of her nervous lip bite. She should, she would, she could…but she probably won’t.

She’s typical in every single way. She is one of those girls. She knows an appearance is just that, an appearance. It matters to her, ohhhh it matters to her. But, she’s intelligent. She’s no dummy. Somethings just matter more. She’s grateful she is who she is. She does like her eye lashes. Her hands are little and perfect for holding. She’s short, but she fits in his arms so perfectly. She is soft and squishy, but she makes the best pillow. Her chinchillas chillax on her boobies so well and her puppies find her belly makes for the perfect leaping pad. She’s warm and she’s loving. You can trust her with your life, I promise. She’s calm and collected. She’ll tell you like it is. She’s happy and content and even likes some of her flaws. There is always room for improvement. She’s a work in progress but aren’t we all?

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