Writing: One

She is driving down the side streets of her neighborhood waving to the neighbors she’s had over for dinner and the children she watched grow up into young adults. She turns down the avenue, and waits as a car backs up into a tight spot between some beat up Nissan and an Infiniti. “Gosh, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore,” she thinks to herself. Her house, the one on the corner. It’s bigger and more beautiful than the one she always imagined when she was young. She smiles gratefully as she makes a wide turn into her two car drive way and pulls forward into the garage.

While she takes the keys out of the ignition, her hand reaches into the back seat and feels around for her purse. As she grabs its strap and pulls it into the front seat, her cellphone falls out of the front pocket and down between her seat and the center console. Without missing a beat the phone begins to ring. She’s expecting to hear from a client and her adrenaline amps up just a bit. Her hand fits between the seats without any trouble, but her forearm is just a bit too short to reach the phone. She wiggles her fingers and wedges her arm down as far as she can. Once she feels the phone, she pushes it out from between her chair and into the back seat. It’s still ringing and vibrating. She fumbles the phone a bit as she answers the call.

“Hello!” She’s been waiting to hear from this client for two hours with the details from the latest campaign efforts. To her avail, she learns efforts so far have produced remarkable results. As the CCO, it is now up to her to decide if the corporation should expand its communications strategy. She wraps up the call by thanking the client for their cooperation and asks if a few personal questions about their family’s latest vacation to the Dominican Republic. “I’m so glad to hear it! Thanks again, Derek. Have a great weekend. Bye.”

She breathes a deep sigh of relief. A great way to wrap up the work week. She relocates her purse and checks the back seat to make sure nothing else fell out. She climbs out of the SUV and closes the garage door behind her. She’s greeted by the most excited wagging tails. Chump, the Rottweiler, moves his entire ass as he dances around the kitchen. Lillie, the 7 pound pap, howls with delight.

She goes through her routine as she usually does when she gets home even though it’s only 3p.m. The dogs are let out into the back yard and fed. The chinchillas are acknowledged and scratched really well. She puts a few dishes that sit in the sink into the dishwasher and goes upstairs to change her clothes. She undresses down to her underwear and hops herself  up and on to the king size piece of heaven in the middle of the room. Unable to help herself, she wiggles her way up to the mound of pillows at the head of the bed.

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One thought on “Writing: One

  1. Joseph says:

    Relatively well written! I know you said it was free-writing so there’s not much of a huge plot behind it, but it seems like it could be the begining to a longer tale. The present tense used is rather interesting, as I usually read and write in the past tense, so it’s foreign to me, but appropriate for the story! =]

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