Day twelve–Stressed

When you’re stressed, what can you use as an outlet?

When I’m stressed, I’ll most likely be writing. Sometimes, I have so much to say but no one can really understand. I don’t think anyone truly understands the amount I write. I write all the flippin’ time! I have about 20 notebooks full of letters, diary entries, stories, and I’ve even written a few books.

When a person is a fair verbal communicator, writing may offers a more efficient outlet to communicate. If I have something serious to say, something heartfelt and genuine and I really just want my point to get across, I write. The chances that what I have to say will be comprehended are much greater if it’s written. Writing allows me to organize my thoughts and get everything out.

I’m not claiming to be a good writer, because the truth is I’m all right but I’m no superstar. I just enjoy it. It’s something that is challenging, creative, and all in all an emotional release.


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