Day fourteen-Love

What is love?

Love: an intense feeling of deep affection.

Love is when you put another person before yourself. Giving the person you love first choice, picking something over another because you know they will like it. Love is giving the better half to another. You want more than just the person, you want what’s best for that person, you want their well-being. You’re in love when their happiness determines your own. When you love someone they bring delight into the simplest things. Every simple chore, every daily task is more fun when the person you love is by your side. The little things matter the most when you’re in love. When you are in love, you look forward to telling them what happened today. Love is when you can have fun just doing nothing–just talking. Love is going out to eat and not feeling the pressure to entertain or talk every second. You don’t feel ashamed of who you are, you never feel alone and you certainly never feel worthless when you’re in love.

Love is cuddling. Love is fighting but forgiving. Love is when you feel complete just being still. Love is waking up with last night’s make-up melted down your face and hearing “Good morning, Beautiful.” Love is laughing until it hurts. When you are in love you appreciate the present and you look forward to your future. Love is confident. Love just knows.

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