Vision board

I need a craft. BIG TIME. I’ve got creative juices seeping out of every pore of my bod like crazy. That’s right the entire bod. So, I think I’m going to create a vision board. YUP. A vision board. It’s all about me, which of course is always fun. It’s creative, which is awesome. It’s all about dreaming, again awesome. You always hear about these stupidly successful people taking on stupid ass projects like this so here’s my attempt to be stupid successful. Bam.

I shall update if the vision board makes it out of the brainstorming phase.


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2 thoughts on “Vision board

  1. Uncharted says:

    I read a blog post about vision boards and I finally made my own! It really helps me to keep my goals for the year top of mind. I am having a giveaway for a customized bulletin board so you can start your own vision board. Here is the link if you are interested!

  2. woodengoods says:

    Our team uses these things on daily basis. At office we have business goals printed in pictures, and we work surrounded by the pictures, models and writings of our personal goals… On the every desk- there is a cute “Porsche” model… in the parking place already two have came to reality 🙂 it is awesome, when these things work every second in Your life, and vision boards help to achieve this routine by programming the subconcious mind to think about and achieve these goals.
    It is fascinating, how this works 🙂

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