Mini shopping spree

Yesterday, I drove all over upstate visiting my sister and my mom. I worked out with my sister in the a.m. then headed to my mom’s where we had plans to spend my multitudinous {thesaurus} Macy*s gift cards. As it turned out, I bought one small thing from Macy*s and didn’t actually buy anything on my Want List, which is as follows:

  1. Moroccan type comforter
  2. Perfume
  3. Curling Iron/ curlers
  4. New {large} make-up bag
  5. Calendar
  6. Jewelry cleaner

But, I my mom did stock me up with a multitudinous of random stuff to take back to school with me.


A new Tassimo for my apartment

My mom bought me these awesome BCBG Paris booties on SALE! I will fall on my face in them but that's all right because they're awesome.

Mom found this sweet hat. This is a stupid pic of me though.

I mentioned I wanted to get more into drinking vino so my mom sent me home with some.


I did buy a griddle at Macy*s for like $17.


...and a head massager.

As I mentioned, I really want a new bed spread or comforter. Something with a lot of color to match the three new sets of sheets I got for Christmas. I’m looking for deep reds, oranges, bright blues, greens and dark purples. I found a neat rug…I just wish it had more color.


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2 thoughts on “Mini shopping spree

  1. Mom (Debbie) says:

    You are missing your calling, you should write for a living. How talented you are, you write, you take awesome picture. So multi-talented.

  2. anna says:

    those head massagers are brilliant!!

    and i love the rug in the photo!

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