Blog on hold.

For the time being, I’m going to have to put this blog on hold. I’ve decided I really need to write about something that matters– that I can showcase in a portfolio and be proud of producing. That said, I’m placing my writing energy into freelance. I’m searching out people and contacts willing to give me an assignment. I’m willing to test many different writing styles, techniques and platforms.

If you’re looking for a writer, let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Blog on hold.

  1. Your site is looking great. You have writing skills. I bring in $10-$50 per blog post I write. It is a good way to bring in some extra money in the current economy. The company I author for has a lot of openings if you enjoy writing as much as me.

    Bloggers Wanted

  2. Hello again fellow author! I wanted to write you a short message to let you know that I came back to your blog. I noticed you have not published anything new in a little while. Perhaps I can give you the inspiration of a devoted reader. 🙂
    Anyway, I hope you signed up as a writer via the link in my prior comment and are making some extra cash. I wanted to share yet another technique with you. I use a site that is bringing me nearly one thousand dollars a 7 days. That is on top of my writing hobby. Here is the link, in the event you might be curious.

    Way To Make $ 1K A Week

    -J Williams

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