The good and the bad–products

So, yesterday I noticed a bunch of coupons at the bottom of my CVS receipt. I took this as an opportunity to try out a couple beauty products. I’ve been wanting to try that New CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain. I wanted something pale and very subtle so I went with “flirty nude”.

No Bueno

Let me start off by telling you, it looks like I drank about 3 gallons of red Kool-aid. Flirty nude? NO, more like I-just-ate-a-cherry-popsicle-and-slobbered-all-over-my-face.  I look {straight-up super seriously} foolish. Before applying and seeing as it is a stain, I used a honey and sugar lip exfoliant to make sure my lips were nice and soft {dry skin on the lips makes for an uneven application}. Then I went for it. It needs to be called a lip marker. It works exactly like a Sharpie. I color with the some champion 4-year-old colorers {Sensei Peyton} and thankfully my training has come in handy. You have to color in your lips using a stiff dried-up Sharpie {be sure to color in the lines!!}. The smooth gliding formula that the product claims is non-existant.

Color: Extremely misleading.

Price: $8.99 {Wasted}

Wear: Uneven, fades streaky {Kool-aid stash} lasts max 3 hours.

{NOT Recommended}

I also had a coupon for Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat nail polish. Crackle seems to be all the rage. Everyone seems to want that disheveled look.

Vintage Violet

I figured, since it would be next to nothing to buy two with my coupons {coo-pins!!}, I’d give them a try. My initial thought was that they must be worth it because there were very very few choices left in the store. I went with the vintage violet and fractured foil. I painted a solid base coat in basic white first, then applied the fractured foil crackle polish overcoat. It did just as it said. It crackled. My only issue was my own poor judgement with the white base coat. It came out looking like I painted my nails then made it my mission to let everything mess it up before it dried {Note to self: more contrast needed to see crackle}. I experiemented with the vintage violet on my tootsies, and I’ll be honest it looked pretty sick {BA for certain}. I even tried layering the vintage violet and fractured foil, which turned out sort of awesome as well. You’ll have to experiment a bit with how thick or thin you want it to get your desired crackle effect. All in all it was a straight forward, easy to use and did as it says.

Color: right on {duh, you can see it}

Price: Approx. $6.99

Wear: Easy application, fast drying, good value


Have you used these products before? Do you agree? Leave a comment.

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One thought on “The good and the bad–products

  1. Mom (Debbie) says:

    Awesome review, you have such a way with words. I would like to try the nail polish, it’s sounds intriguing

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