A Social Media Project: Dedication

Dedication |ˌdediˈkā sh ən|noun1 the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose : his dedication to his duties.

About a year ago, I decided I needed a personal project.

I needed a project that I could dive into and have fun working on all the while moving me forward in the world. What could I possibly do to satisfy these needs?

Being in public relations, I hear two pieces of advice time and time again. “Network! Network! Network! Network!”  {People will scream this at your face countless times.} The second piece of advice you often hear is that your name is your biggest asset.{You are your reputation after all.}

I pondered and pondered this advice {insert Jeopardy theme here}. How could I, a somewhat shy girl with no contacts in the area at all, build a reputation and a network at the same time?

Epiphany! I needed to get involved with social media. Knowing no more than how to update my status, I set the goal of teaching myself  how to use social media to network and to build and monitor my personal reputation. {Today, I’m at the point where typing ‘social media’ without inserting the #, capitalizing and smushing the words together is simply unnatural. Thank you #Twitter! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!}

I started off by creating a Twitter account. For days, I sat following people, {PR folks in particular,} who I wanted to be like. I came across the industry leaders and influencers who had thousands upon thousands of followers. I sat back observing for a bit. What was it that made these people more successful than others?


These people are dedicated to PR, dedicated to being consistent, dedicated to quality content, dedicated to helping others, dedicated to being the best they could be. Dedicated. Dedicated. Dedicated. Got it? Good!

I was (and still am) dedicated to my project; dedicated to learning the strategy behind social media; dedicated to producing results; but most importantly I found I’m dedicated to sharing what I learned with others so that they may benefit as I have. So, I suppose I’ve found myself here, in the midst of phase two of my social media project: share the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained from dedicating myself to learning social media.

Lesson number one: Get dedicated. Dedicated. Dedicated. DEAD-I-KATE-DEAD. Now I know you got it!

If you are willing to dedicate your time and efforts to moving yourself forward, whether it be within the mass communication fields, career advancement or just as a way to build your personal brand I can promise, you will get results. I mean, think about it. Isn’t the trick to being successful in all areas of life about dedicating yourself to whatever it is your wishing to achieve? I think yes.

Won’t you join me as I share my personal tips & tricks to mastering #SocialMedia?

What are some of you goals you’d like help on?


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