Goals & reorganization

I’m a loser baby…

So I have an obsession with goal-setting. Unfortunately, I set too many goals and don’t allow myself the time necessary to follow through at least when it comes to this blog. It also happens that I get over excited and begin to branch that goal into 87 different directions at once.  I’d like to think that the more goals I set, the more I’ll eventually accomplish. So I’ll keep throwing them out there and eventually I’ll have a few success stories {Yes? No?}.

You might remember I attempted a blog challenge a while back {that right there may be an example of the goal gone  in 87 different directions and then flop like a dead fish}. My first prompt was about goal setting. I consider all those goals reached actually {with the exception of getting into better shape…yup, shut up}

Anyways…I have goals on the mind.

Organize this whole blogging thing: I created a Tumblr {It’s basically the cool thing to do. You should do it too & then we can be Tumblr frands} so now this is the more fun, relaxed blog. My Tumblr is focused on public relations, social media, communications and the like. Notice the fab new tab–My PR Playground.

This is actually why I decided to post here–No more pressure on this blog. I’d just like to sit back and see what it becomes {#NerdAlert}.

Anyways, I just sort of felt I had to reintroduce myself after that little hiatus.


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