A Thought About Webinars & Setting Yourself Apart from the Crowd

Webinar: A web-based seminar.

Webinars aren’t new. They’ve been around for quite sometime, but has any one else noticed the number of free webinars available has skyrocketed in the past year?

I have. Personally, I think it is phenomenal {but I am also a raging nerd}. Not all webinars being offered are worthy of your time, but I’ve been surprised by quite a few lil gems out there. I’ve created a public calendar of useful mass communication events {including quite a few webinars} at my work, Iona College’s Department of Mass Communication. My thought behind this project is that there are so many great things happening in the mass comm field that could expand the students’ working knowledge of communications. Sometimes the issue is just knowing about the event before it takes place.

Being a grad student gearing up for the pretty serious task of searching for a “real” job once I graduate at the end of this summer, I wonder–Should I be keeping track of the webinars I “attend?”

I haven’t done much research on this thought, but I think it IS useful to keep track of the webinars you “attend.” It shows that you are genuinely interested in your work and are doing something to make yourself a more effective communicator.

In this job market, it is important to do anything you possibly can to set yourself away from the pack. What makes you better than all your peers with the same exact degree as you? Your desire to grow, evolve and stay up to date in an ever advancing industry. So continue to educate yourself. This gives employers insight to the type of employee you will be–ever improving.

Webinars are uber convenient, you can find them on just about any topic that interests you, and plenty of them are free {So there isn’t any excuse not to take advantage of them!!}. More often than not if you can’t “attend” the original event, those that register get a link to view it later. Again, convenient!

Most recently, I got word that PRSA is offering 30 free webinars to members this coming January 2012.

An avid PRSA fan and webinar enthusiast–this nerd thinks Christmas is coming in January this time around!

What do you think-Is there value in getting involved and tracking webinars?

Heard of any great webinars recently?


One thought on “A Thought About Webinars & Setting Yourself Apart from the Crowd

  1. debjo1529 says:

    Webinars are used at Paychex Inc. to bring together clients, employees and our staff for enrollment meetings.
    They are very useful.

    Well written, very informative

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