About Me

I’m Sarah

Who am I? Good. Freaking. Question.

I’m a twenty-something woman {hear me roar!}, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend, lover and puppy-momma trying to define myself as…something.

Truth is, I am in an endless search to find the answer to that question. Every day, I wake up feeling like a blank slate ready to learn something about myself. I’ll tell you what I do know for the time being.

I am a writer. In second grade, while everyone was doing reports on wanting to become doctors, fashion models, presidents and famous singers, I was carrying around my chunky spiral notebook, that was as big as I was, telling people I was a writer. And I was. And I still am. I’m officially a paid and published writer.

I am a goal-setter. If I haven’t done something to make myself a better person today than I was yesterday, then I haven’t been true to myself.

I’m a nerd. Self-professed student of life always and forever {cross my heart and hope to die}. I read as much as a write, which is a great deal. Soon I’ll have my master’s, but you can expect to call me Dr. Ryck in the future.

I’ll be a PR superstar in my own right one day. Keep your eyes peeled. I admittedly have much to learn, but that’s why I love this field.

I have an endless and insatiable desire to create. I enjoy cooking in an attempt to scratch that creative itch. I’m also an avid doodler and wannabe photographer {Who isn’t though, honestly?}.

I’m somewhat of an amateur adventurer. Not really, but I do enjoy trying new things, seeing new places, meeting new faces.

When I do drink the fizzy sweet stuff, I drink pop. Not soda. My favorite food is the potato in any and all forms {potatoes can be good for you! They are certainly good to me!}. I am minorly {majorly –only less so} obsessed with Mexican cuisine.

I listen much more than I speak. More often than not when I am talking, I am asking questions. Tell me your story, I’d love to hear it.

I’m probably not as awesome as I make myself out to be. Just kidding! I am. If you need me, all you have to do is send me a note.

Please feel free to contact me! 



LinkedIn: Sarah M Ryck


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