What’s with the Pirates?

Am I a huge adoring pirate fan? Why no! Not at all…

My blog title is a quote {a pretty funny one at that} from a pretty cool {but completely inappropriate in every single way humanly possible} TV show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

My first ever blog post addresses the name of my blog

I liked the quote immediately. It was said by the best character on the show-Charlie. Oh Charlie! He’s so ignorant it’s pitiful. Despite his complete lack of intelligence he’s loveable to no end.

See Charlie is illiterate. He saw was a door marked “private.” In Charlie’s head, it read “pirate.” What does a door with the word “pirate” mean? Obviously that’s where the pirates live! The best part of the scene was how he tried to play it off like Dennis had just heard him wrong.

So that’s it…It’s just a quote.

You’re welcome to check out my original post explaining my decision to name my blog after a random quote.

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