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Three day juice cleanse

I woke up this morning completely craving a juice cleanse. Very odd. Much needed though.

So, rather than wait, I’m starting today with a the “Join the Reboot” 3-day cleanse. It’s a super simple program–start the day with hot water, lemon and ginger, have five juice meals, then end your day with some tea. Simple enough, right?

My (completely insane) Shopping List (for only THREE days):

9 organic carrots

15 organic apples,

9 small pieces of ginger (about 1 inch)

6.5 cucumber

23 celery stalks,

30-40 leaves kale (Australian tuscan cabbage) 6-8 leaves= 2c.

2.25 lemon

8 Plum Tomatoes

2 Red Bell Pepper (Australia capsicum)

.5 small Red Onion

10 cups Parsley, leaves and stems, roughly chopped and packed into the measuring cup

1 Lime

12-16 leaves swiss chard (Australian silverbeet)

6 clementines

1 large Sweet Potato

5 large Red Beets (Australia beetroot)

1 Orange, optional

6 cups Concord Grape

1/2 cup Blackberries

9 cups Spinach (~6 handfulls)

1 Jalapeno, ribs and seeds removed

12 Red Radishes

1.5 Fennel Bulb

2 broccoli stalks

1/2 head or 2 wedges green cabbage

1 bunch Basil

1 big bunch parsley (approx. 4 cups)

3 tomato

1-2 cloves garlic, peeled


 Let’s do this!
Have you or anyone you know successfully completed a juice cleanse?

Don’t Let The Pretzel Go Down Like The Crispy

Please, tell me you have tried the new Pretzel M&M’s. They are super delic and oh so perfect in every way.


Of course, there was one other time in my young life m&ms were at the top of the game…Remember Crispy M&M’s? Those ‘lil buggers were the BEST. When they stopped making Crispy M&M’s a little part of my soul died. Thankfully, my soul has been revived with the introduction of these sweet and salty treats (unfortunately now it’s just my diet to be concerned about now).

Hmmmm...ALSO, while looking for pretty pictures to add here, I learned they also have limited edition Coconut M&M’s! How odd. I’ve never been partial to coconut myself, but I loved the pretzel creation so much I am going to have to give these a try as well!

Thank you Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie (hence the M&M name) for creating these crazy simple, crazy good candies.

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Happy Accidents

I’m the type of person who gets extremely frustrated when I burn something. Believing the effort was a waste of time, I throw my hands up in the air, give up and chalk the night up to being a failure.

I had a minor epiphany tonight though as I finished my last undergraduate project ever and prepared for my graduation this weekend. A celebration was in order and what would a celebration be without cupcakes!?! I decided to just live and stop trying to be so perfect (but of course it just comes so naturally to me jk :).

So, tonight when I spilled the cup cake batter all over… I kept baking. When I melted the frosting container on the stove…I kept baking. When I put the frosting in the freezer and it froze up a little too much..I kept baking. I didn’t give up and you know what?

Accidents are fun with good friends and silly music!

It was a happy accident 🙂

Just for the fun of it I typed “Happy Accident” into Google and I found in 2001 there was a movie called, you guessed it, Happy Accident. It stars that super intelligent quirky guy from Law and Order, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Marisa Tomei, probably most recognizable from My Cousin Vinny and The Wrestler. Surprisingly, Happy Accident has 7.4 Stars on IMDb. I’ll let you watch the trailer and decide for yourself.


Sam: I’m different.
Ruby: You’re gay! You’re a Jew for Jesus? It’s that tattoo. It’s a cult. You’re in a cult. You’re a Branch Davidian? You’re a Survivalist?
Sam: No!
Ruby: You’re a pimp and Chrystie Delancey’s one of your sluts!
Sam: I am not a pimp!

Sam: You know, I’ve never told a woman the things I’ve told you. You are the first and… the only. You’re… the one and only. You know… I… I… I feel like… ah… I feel like my whole life has just been a journey into your arms.

In case melty cupcake goodness and a romantic flick weren’t enough there’s also a song…

Happy Accident–Jason Reeves

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