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Valentine’s Day was yesterday, and if you are single and sour about it, I hope you stayed off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a variety of other social media sites for the day.

My social media sites were abuzz. There was certainly no missing the innumerable photos of everyone’s pretty flowers and sweet treats. Seeing so many pictures of flowers it got me thinking just a bit.

I’m seeing more and more eclectic arrangements. I’d almost go so far as to say there is a trend emerging…and I kind of like this trend.

Traditional is out, eccentric and creative is moving in.

I enjoy the eccentric combination of flowers—the quirky or bizarre combinations are really catching my eye. Yesterday, I even saw arrangements incorporating fruits, feathers and even seeds. Flowers, or even non-flowers, are coming together as creative, beautiful pieces of art.

Typically, I’m not a flower girl, but this non-flower girl might just spend some of my hard-earned cash on some of these fun combinations.

With the recent Pinterest explosion, something so simple as flowers is getting serious attention. I’m going to guess it has something to do with the fact that about 97% of Pinterest users are women. What are these women doing on Pinterest? Well, planning their dream weddings, of course.

Instagram is also very involved with posting the pretty today. If you haven’t already, consider scanning the popular photo feed.

Here are some of those fun combos I was telling you about.


is that an artichoke?

I adore this. Adore.

& here are my Valentine’s Day fleurs.

Star gazer Lilies. My favorite.

Have you noticed people are moving away from the typical and looking for the more eccentric flowers?

What are your favorite flowers?


“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” Confucius

Credit via Google Images

“Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress.” Bruce Barton

“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”  C.S. Lewis

Dogs Decoded

I just finished watching this amazing Nova documentary called Dogs Decoded. I realize documentaries are extremely lame and unexciting to some people but not to me, not at all. The thrill of learning something I never would have guessed excites me. Ask me what my favorite animals is. Go ahead. Yes, it’s dogs. I love them and I love all of them. Are you beginning to see why I enjoyed this short lil film so much??

The documentary was great because it focused on the scientific reasoning and evidence that proves dogs really are man’s best friend. It digs into the bond owners have with dogs. Did you know dogs have the ability to read facial expressions? I didn’t either. Dogs have the ability to follow non-verbal cues, cues that not even chimps, our closest relatives, are able to pick up on. It was quite interesting.

My dog knows when I’m sad or not feeling well. I swear she does. I physically feel her motions become more fluid, her actions become more tender and she instantly calms down. To my surprise, she sees it in my eyes!  Also, dogs have actually developed a form of communication (barking) that they only use to communicate with humans. Apparently, dogs don’t actually communicate by looking at the faces of other dogs or even barking in certain tones and frequencies as they do with humans.

The film also went into the origin of dogs. So INCREDIBLY interesting. Dogs are, of course, descendents from gray wolves, but what was so interesting was how or why so many different looking dog breeds came about. As it turns out, different breeds came about because as you domesticate animals, or breed them based on desirable personality traits, the physical appearance also changes. Researchers conducted tests with domesticating wolves to rule out simple nurturing. As people grew into basically wanting dogs less for farm tasks, we began focusing on what we want our dogs to look like. Mostly people wanted their dogs to look infantile. You know why? Because humans naturally have a desire to nurture. So we want dogs that resemble and act like cute little puppies. Humans actually develop such close bonds with dogs because we secrete oxytocin, a nine amino acid peptide that is synthesized in hypothalamus, also known as the love hormone and the dog does too. This hormone is what is released when a woman has a baby and instantly feels connected to the little stranger, and why we adore our dogs.

The film went into the experimental processes that were carried out to find all this information. In Siberia, for example, scientists bred silver foxes until the foxes were domesticated and docile. This is basically the same process wolves underwent to become dogs only at an intensely accelerated rate. Around generation 8 is when scientists notice the physical changes in the docile foxes’ babies. The main researcher thinks silver foxes may be an eventual house pet because they are independent like a cat but affectionate like a dog.

There is so much more to learn in this short little 53 minute documentary. I really suggest you check it out. Now, you know what a huge nerd I truly am but all the same it’s incredibly fascinating.

I’ve found a free version here if you’d like to check it out.

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Giving up…

Is anyone else a fan of random google searches? I sure am. I type something that’s been running through my mind and I see what pops up {older blog similar idea}. A while ago it was giving up. To my surprise, the first result was a simple little video to Ingrid Michaelson’s “giving up.”  I’ve loved loved loved Ms. Michaelson since before it was the cool thing to do. Just ask my poor boyfriend who sat through multiple listenings and analyses of every song I could find of hers. I was thrilled {to say the least} when she was the first result.

Upon your first listen, because the song is so slow and repetitive, it sounds desolate like she’s giving up on everything {the original video I found was great but unfortunately embedding is disabled. Here’s the same song different video}:

Did you get that she isn’t giving up?! She’s not giving up at all. She’s found she will be  happy in all that is imperfect. I think what she’s saying is she’s giving up her insecurities. I think she’s giving up the what-ifs and life’s imperfections and she’s loving what she has, which of course is “you.”

What if we stop having a ball?
What if the paint chips from the wall?
What if there’s always cups in the sink?
What if I’m not what you think I am?

{What if everything isn’t perfect. What if we don’t work out}

What if I fall further than you?
What if you dream of somebody new?
What if I never let you win, chase you with a rolling pin?
Well what if I do?

{What if I love you more that you love me. What if I go bat shit crazy?}

I am giving up on making passes and
I am giving up on half empty glasses and
I am giving up on greener grasses
I am giving up

{Well I’m giving up on losing out. I’m giving up on other guys. I’m giving up negativity. I’m giving up on what-ifs and insecurities}

What if our baby comes home after nine?
What it your eyes close before mine?
What if you lose yourself sometimes? Then I’ll be the one to find you
Safe in my heart

{What if we ruin our children. What if I’m left all alone. What if we aren’t perfect. That’s okay because I’ll love you all the same}

I am giving up on making passes and
I am giving up on half empty glasses and
I am giving up on greener grasses
I am giving up

I am giving up
I am giving up
I am giving up on greener grasses

I am giving up for you
I am giving up for you
I am giving up

{I’m giving up the negativity, the what-ifs and the insecurities because I believe in you. I’m giving up the search for greener grasses because there’s no one greener than you}

Well, there you have it. Ingrid isn’t giving up at all. She’s committing herself to the person the song is written about. My interpretation to another Ingrid song. Maybe you don’t agree you. You don’t need to. I get this chick though and I’m sticking by my interpretation because it made me feel all better. Bam!

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Day seventeen & eighteen

Someone you see yourself marrying in the future
What kind of person attracts you?

This blog challenge was a bad idea. I haven’t really stuck with it on a daily basis, but I figure as long as I do the prompts sometime I haven’t failed completely.

Before college I could never see myself getting married. I could not even imagine it. I was obsessively opposed to being typical and conventional. My parents have been divorced since before I can remember and I didn’t want to deal with that. I had it in my mind that people only hurt other people.

Once I got to college, I began to day dream. I developed my own morals and values and am confident that I have good judgement to pick the right man {if that man will choose me, we will have too see}. I adore being very close to someone and I like the idea of marriage now.

Simple enough, I need someone interesting who will keep me entertained year after year because well I will only get married once {fingers crossed}.They need to have similar morals and values– I have my philosophies and I’m sort of a stubborn chick. He needs to be trustworthy, loyal, honest, faithful and devoted. I’m very easy-going though so he must be too. I require a great deal of support, encouragement and reinforcement. I want my husband to be a source of strength. With one life to live we will make it amazing and we will do it together.

I think I need a dreamer, someone who enjoys adventures and exploring as much as I do. A man who lives in the now but never stops dreaming of the future is important. How about a man who continues to grow intellectually, teaches me new things and searches for truth?

I like story-tellers. I love to listen. Yet, of course, I need someone willing to listen too. So a man with a strong set of communication skills would be wonderful {men communicating–what am I thinking!?}. I need a straight talker. Tell me how it is–when I’m bat shit crazy I don’t need someone to cower and tip toe around me and when I’m right he needs to back me up {I’m never crazy and I’m always right so that wont be an issue, of course}.

And finally,  I’d like a man who can say I love you, know what it means and show it. Actions certainly speak louder than words. My husband must be his own person. I want to be a team of two incredibly awesome people. I want to be and incredibly awesome couple. I want to be envied {& I will be watch!}.

I  want to spend my life with my best friend.

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Mini shopping spree

Yesterday, I drove all over upstate visiting my sister and my mom. I worked out with my sister in the a.m. then headed to my mom’s where we had plans to spend my multitudinous {thesaurus} Macy*s gift cards. As it turned out, I bought one small thing from Macy*s and didn’t actually buy anything on my Want List, which is as follows:

  1. Moroccan type comforter
  2. Perfume
  3. Curling Iron/ curlers
  4. New {large} make-up bag
  5. Calendar
  6. Jewelry cleaner

But, I my mom did stock me up with a multitudinous of random stuff to take back to school with me.


A new Tassimo for my apartment

My mom bought me these awesome BCBG Paris booties on SALE! I will fall on my face in them but that's all right because they're awesome.

Mom found this sweet hat. This is a stupid pic of me though.

I mentioned I wanted to get more into drinking vino so my mom sent me home with some.


I did buy a griddle at Macy*s for like $17.


...and a head massager.

As I mentioned, I really want a new bed spread or comforter. Something with a lot of color to match the three new sets of sheets I got for Christmas. I’m looking for deep reds, oranges, bright blues, greens and dark purples. I found a neat rug…I just wish it had more color.


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Day fourteen-Love

What is love?

Love: an intense feeling of deep affection.

Love is when you put another person before yourself. Giving the person you love first choice, picking something over another because you know they will like it. Love is giving the better half to another. You want more than just the person, you want what’s best for that person, you want their well-being. You’re in love when their happiness determines your own. When you love someone they bring delight into the simplest things. Every simple chore, every daily task is more fun when the person you love is by your side. The little things matter the most when you’re in love. When you are in love, you look forward to telling them what happened today. Love is when you can have fun just doing nothing–just talking. Love is going out to eat and not feeling the pressure to entertain or talk every second. You don’t feel ashamed of who you are, you never feel alone and you certainly never feel worthless when you’re in love.

Love is cuddling. Love is fighting but forgiving. Love is when you feel complete just being still. Love is waking up with last night’s make-up melted down your face and hearing “Good morning, Beautiful.” Love is laughing until it hurts. When you are in love you appreciate the present and you look forward to your future. Love is confident. Love just knows.

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Day eleven–Alive

One moment during which you felt most alive this year.

The weight of the wine she just inhaled on the train was heavy in her stomach. It felt like she had somehow managed to get the glass bottle down her throat too. She didn’t seem to mind too much because as soon as she got inside she accepted an over-priced beer from her date and boyfriend. Then another. And another. And maybe one more? They had taken the short train ride into the city to see Matt&Kim play at Webster Hall. She really liked them a few months earlier at the Siren Festival. She was excited to see them play again.

As expected they were great. The girl was a bit beyond tipsy and got the idea in her head she wanted to do something a ‘lil bit crazy. She turned to her boyfriend and gave him a silent look. She hoped he could read her mind.

“Hey babe, I want to do that. Throw me up there pleaseeeeee.” Their eyes had a brief conversation and a second later her boyfriend and the stranger next to him were throwing her up into the air and on to the crowd. Time froze. She didn’t feel anything below her, no hands, no heads. It was smooth like she was floating on a wave headed to shore. It was silent and all she saw were the bright lights and balloons dancing around her. She and both members of the band were the only ones in the room. Until, She was thrown over the metal barrier crashing into the stage and down onto her ass. It didn’t matter though. She couldn’t feel much now anyway. It was all over in a maximum of 4 seconds. But, it was worth it.

She was a complete mess. Her hair was glued to the side of her face wet with sweat. She probably wreaked like her sister’s hockey equipment and she probably looked like she was just hit by a sanitation truck. She didn’t care. She’d been with her boyfriend for three years now and he’s had to have seen worse. She was confident that even though she looked like she was recently released from the nut house, he was happy because she was truly enjoying herself.

BUT all that music and beer makes the couple pretty hungry. They turn the corner. Score! Street meat. Two orders of chicken and rice with extra hot sauce and a short walk later, they are back in Grand Central.

They have some time before their train leaves. Sitting on the ground indian style, the girl is people watching. Even in her slightly clouded state she watches the people come and go wondering where they’re headed, if anywhere at all. She’s absorbed in making up elaborate stories of the travelers’ destinations and of course, the best meal she’s ever had, when she hears his hiccup. She turns to him suddenly ready to pounce. She finds his hiccups hysterical. How the high-pitched yelp of a preadolescent boy can come from his 6 foot 2 Rugby frame is beyond her. She turns towards him, instantaneously he turns towards her. They both hiccup! Looking into each other’s eyes they smile. The girl gives out a small giggle. They turn away and go back to eating.

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Cranky days happen

Note to self: When you are feeling kinda cranky, maybe a little lonely, bored, forgotten, depressed and grumpy, just remember that the funny looking animals in the next room always love you, and they will always make you smile.

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Day four–Let go

What or Whom did I let go of this year and why?

Oof. I don’t know why, but I’ve had great difficulty thinking of things to write about today. I think the most important thing I’ve let go of this year has been sadness. I don’t have the greatest explanation of why I was sad in the first place, honestly. I think I was just so dependent on what everyone thought, or didn’t think, of me. I was so caught up on other people who I lost grasp of the many, many things that make me so incredibly happy.

Evil outsiders imprinted it in my brain that I needed to fit into a certain mold. My education, my relationship, my tastes, my friends, all of my decisions needed to be like those of “people my age”.

It took me a while, but I’ve come to realize that it just takes way too much energy to do what you believe others expect from you. Truth is, I expect more from myself than anyone I know expects out of me. Suppressing who I am is exhausting. I just do what I want, when I want now. I say what I’m thinking and I’m focused on thinking the right things.

In all of this, I’ve let go negativity. I’ve weeded out the people who bring me down, who are jealous, the people who thrive on drama, the immature people, people who don’t strive for anything and the people who take advantage. The negative energy these people bring into my life just isn’t worth it. Instead, I use my energy to become SO GRATEFUL for the people who encourage me to shine, the people who listen, and the people who genuinely care.

Thank you to those important people.

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Day One–This month’s goals

I’ve always had this obsession with trying to be a well-rounded human. My definition of a well-rounded person has, of course, changed and evolved as I have grown into who I am, but mostly it just never stop learning and improving.

That being said, this next month I am taking a break from both jobs that claim me 7 days a week and my graduate night classes. I’m going upstate to Western New York for an entire month, so I have set up a number of things I want to do. I’m really looking forward to take the time to work on me.

1.       Get back in shape. Working and being pretty busy has distracted me from my own well-being. I’m going to focus on eating the right things and working out on a regular basis. I need to get back into the habit of making my health a priority. I’ve stopped cooking and have resorted to take-out because of its convenience. That is going to change. I LOVE to cook. I’m taking all my cook books home with me. My father and I are going to enjoy home cooked meals!!!

2.       Read. Read. Read. There is nothing more frustrating than craving a good book but knowing you don’t have time to read the books assigned for class and the ones you crave. I have a list of books I want to read as long as Santa’s naughty list! I cannot wait!!

3.       Work on my career. I am pretty young for a graduate student. I love school, but it can only do so much in terms of real world experience, networking and social media. I’ve created a Twitter (@SarahRyck) a few weeks ago and I am working on building a PR network. I have met so many nice people who are willing to mentor a newbie. I want to be involved, start conversations, learn about PR and continue to meet wonderful people.

4.       Write. If I had to choose one thing as my passion I would say writing. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was in first grade. My father used to have to take all the notebooks and pens out of my room when it was time for bed otherwise I would be up all night writing elaborate stories and diary entries.  Lately, I’ve fallen out of the practice of writing every day.

5.       Enjoy my friends and family. Being so far away, I haven’t spent nearly as much time as I’d like catching up with my friends and family back home. I’m really excited to take this opportunity to spend some time with them.

6.       Zen. I’m really interested in learning more about being Zen and Buddhism things like meditation. Being so busy can sometimes mix up my priorities. I’d love to learn to be more aware. Right now, I am completely clueless, but it is something that interests me.

Those are just a few examples. I am going to be busy back at home, just busy in a different way. I’m uber excited!

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Happy Accidents

I’m the type of person who gets extremely frustrated when I burn something. Believing the effort was a waste of time, I throw my hands up in the air, give up and chalk the night up to being a failure.

I had a minor epiphany tonight though as I finished my last undergraduate project ever and prepared for my graduation this weekend. A celebration was in order and what would a celebration be without cupcakes!?! I decided to just live and stop trying to be so perfect (but of course it just comes so naturally to me jk :).

So, tonight when I spilled the cup cake batter all over… I kept baking. When I melted the frosting container on the stove…I kept baking. When I put the frosting in the freezer and it froze up a little too much..I kept baking. I didn’t give up and you know what?

Accidents are fun with good friends and silly music!

It was a happy accident 🙂

Just for the fun of it I typed “Happy Accident” into Google and I found in 2001 there was a movie called, you guessed it, Happy Accident. It stars that super intelligent quirky guy from Law and Order, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Marisa Tomei, probably most recognizable from My Cousin Vinny and The Wrestler. Surprisingly, Happy Accident has 7.4 Stars on IMDb. I’ll let you watch the trailer and decide for yourself.


Sam: I’m different.
Ruby: You’re gay! You’re a Jew for Jesus? It’s that tattoo. It’s a cult. You’re in a cult. You’re a Branch Davidian? You’re a Survivalist?
Sam: No!
Ruby: You’re a pimp and Chrystie Delancey’s one of your sluts!
Sam: I am not a pimp!

Sam: You know, I’ve never told a woman the things I’ve told you. You are the first and… the only. You’re… the one and only. You know… I… I… I feel like… ah… I feel like my whole life has just been a journey into your arms.

In case melty cupcake goodness and a romantic flick weren’t enough there’s also a song…

Happy Accident–Jason Reeves

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