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Valentine’s Day was yesterday, and if you are single and sour about it, I hope you stayed off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a variety of other social media sites for the day.

My social media sites were abuzz. There was certainly no missing the innumerable photos of everyone’s pretty flowers and sweet treats. Seeing so many pictures of flowers it got me thinking just a bit.

I’m seeing more and more eclectic arrangements. I’d almost go so far as to say there is a trend emerging…and I kind of like this trend.

Traditional is out, eccentric and creative is moving in.

I enjoy the eccentric combination of flowers—the quirky or bizarre combinations are really catching my eye. Yesterday, I even saw arrangements incorporating fruits, feathers and even seeds. Flowers, or even non-flowers, are coming together as creative, beautiful pieces of art.

Typically, I’m not a flower girl, but this non-flower girl might just spend some of my hard-earned cash on some of these fun combinations.

With the recent Pinterest explosion, something so simple as flowers is getting serious attention. I’m going to guess it has something to do with the fact that about 97% of Pinterest users are women. What are these women doing on Pinterest? Well, planning their dream weddings, of course.

Instagram is also very involved with posting the pretty today. If you haven’t already, consider scanning the popular photo feed.

Here are some of those fun combos I was telling you about.


is that an artichoke?

I adore this. Adore.

& here are my Valentine’s Day fleurs.

Star gazer Lilies. My favorite.

Have you noticed people are moving away from the typical and looking for the more eccentric flowers?

What are your favorite flowers?

3000 Club

Jeter made 3000 hits {3001, 3002, 3003 too!} at my first ever Yankee game.

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All right, so remember I mentioned I really badly want a funky new bed spread or comforter. Well,{Bam!} I found it! I really want it, but I’m not sure if I’m willing {able} to pay $200+ for the queen size. Its the Wildfield Bedding form Anthropologie. It’s just so beautiful and exactly the color scheme I was going for…

Isn't it perfect?

I would really like this. :[ If you know of anywhere I can buy this on sale, on eBay, on freaking Craig’s list even {please, please keep your bed bugs to yourself}. I will consider it {okay, so my skin is crawling. Craig’s list but only if it’s brand new}.

Even if you know a place that sell similar comforters & bed spreads PLEASE let me know. The hours I’ve spent searching for a bed spread is on the verge of being obsessive. Help a sista out?

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Self portrait

The blog challenge – the one I’ve cheated on hardcore-is about who I am and who I want to be. That added to the constant bombardment of “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” has me constantly thinking about what is wrong with me. What do I need to fix this year?

Well, as mentioned in previous posts, quite a lot. I refuse to commit to another super-specific resolution I probably would have already broken by now, but I have committed myself to simply saying this year I will be better.  Since I’ve got so much free time on my hands I can play around with this quest to be a better, more well-rounded person.

I was sitting in my room, relaxing with Dave {DMB}, when realized I love the color of these new weights I bought. They’re motivationally green. I just look at them and think “You can doooo it!” The rested next to the new Women’s Health mag and Meditation for the Love of it. It just looked bright and inspirational.

{Bam! Lightbulb.}

I took a photography class as an undergrad and had an assignment to make a self-portrait out of items that represent you. I figured since it just looked so pretty I’d add a few more things & take a photo. Something to represent the not new but BETTER Sarah.


Cheers to a better Sarah

  1. Sundãri products and pamphlet: a more aware and conscious me that looks towards the benefits of what nature offers.
  2. The Plot Thickens: Dedication to being a good writer.
  3. The Buddha board:  Dedication to living in the moment.
  4. Meditation for the Love of it: Attempt to learn things on how to be Zen, more aware, more mindful and the like.
  5. Weights and Women’s Health: Lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  6. 2011 Planner: Make more menus, plan and prioritize.

Cranky days happen

Note to self: When you are feeling kinda cranky, maybe a little lonely, bored, forgotten, depressed and grumpy, just remember that the funny looking animals in the next room always love you, and they will always make you smile.

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