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‘And the days are not full enough’

And the days are not full enough
And the nights are not full enough
And life slips by like a field mouse
                Not shaking the grass.

Ezra Pound
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Day seventeen & eighteen

Someone you see yourself marrying in the future
What kind of person attracts you?

This blog challenge was a bad idea. I haven’t really stuck with it on a daily basis, but I figure as long as I do the prompts sometime I haven’t failed completely.

Before college I could never see myself getting married. I could not even imagine it. I was obsessively opposed to being typical and conventional. My parents have been divorced since before I can remember and I didn’t want to deal with that. I had it in my mind that people only hurt other people.

Once I got to college, I began to day dream. I developed my own morals and values and am confident that I have good judgement to pick the right man {if that man will choose me, we will have too see}. I adore being very close to someone and I like the idea of marriage now.

Simple enough, I need someone interesting who will keep me entertained year after year because well I will only get married once {fingers crossed}.They need to have similar morals and values– I have my philosophies and I’m sort of a stubborn chick. He needs to be trustworthy, loyal, honest, faithful and devoted. I’m very easy-going though so he must be too. I require a great deal of support, encouragement and reinforcement. I want my husband to be a source of strength. With one life to live we will make it amazing and we will do it together.

I think I need a dreamer, someone who enjoys adventures and exploring as much as I do. A man who lives in the now but never stops dreaming of the future is important. How about a man who continues to grow intellectually, teaches me new things and searches for truth?

I like story-tellers. I love to listen. Yet, of course, I need someone willing to listen too. So a man with a strong set of communication skills would be wonderful {men communicating–what am I thinking!?}. I need a straight talker. Tell me how it is–when I’m bat shit crazy I don’t need someone to cower and tip toe around me and when I’m right he needs to back me up {I’m never crazy and I’m always right so that wont be an issue, of course}.

And finally,  I’d like a man who can say I love you, know what it means and show it. Actions certainly speak louder than words. My husband must be his own person. I want to be a team of two incredibly awesome people. I want to be and incredibly awesome couple. I want to be envied {& I will be watch!}.

I  want to spend my life with my best friend.

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Dear doctor’s office,

I’m writing you today to ask you to please stop being a royal pain in the ass. Why must you be so flippin’ terrifying and so completely frustrating? I arrived 15 minutes early for my appointment. I’ve waited in this steaming hot closet of an exam room for an hour now. I am not comfortable. I am not happy. I do not want to be here.

This should have been an in and out appointment. There was no one else waiting in the waiting room. It’s quiet in the building and all the exam room doors were open and empty when I walked in. WTF, man!

I should have known. All doctor’s offices are the same. I expected too much. I even ordered my father’s dinner. I’m now 45 minutes late to pick up his food. Your total disrespect for my time is aggravating to say the least. I hate doctor’s appointments with a passion that burns deep within me. I just wanted to let you know how I feel.

A pissy patient.

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Day blah–Blah blah

This challenge is turning out more annoying than anything else. There are countless times I have opened my blog because I feel the need to write, I check out what today’s little prompt is and I lose interest and go on my merry little way. I just don’t want to be told what to write today. As I mentioned before, I take orders well but truth is I just don’t like to be bossed. Stubborn independent woman tis I.

That being said…I hate not following through with things!! With the exception of dieting, I usually follow through with things. Right? I think I do. Then again I do come up with a million and three AMAZING ideas a day. Whatever. The point is I’m still going do today’s prompt I just felt the need to complain and moan first. Go figure.

Day eleven is on its way.

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Cranky days happen

Note to self: When you are feeling kinda cranky, maybe a little lonely, bored, forgotten, depressed and grumpy, just remember that the funny looking animals in the next room always love you, and they will always make you smile.

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