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Day Twenty-ish…TV Show

The prompt asked me to write about a TV show I’m currently obsessing over. There is only one show I have anxiously been awaiting for what has been much too long. True Blood.

True Blood is based on of Charlaine Harris‘ Sookie Stackhouse series of books (fun easy reads, I recommend you add them to your summer reading list!). With the creation of synthetic blood, vampires decide it is time to reveal themselves to the world. Unfortunately, their great reveal has not been the smoothest of transitions for some beings, humans, vampires and beyond, particularly in the small town of Bon Temps. Barmaid and telepath, Sookie Stackhouse, however finds the vampires to be a welcomed breath of fresh air. For once she doesn’t have to struggle to ignore the mental chatter she has to work so hard to block out when with her human companions. Able to find peace in the silence, Sookie falls in love with vampire Bill and is lured into the deep world of the supernatural.

The show’s star Anna Paquin plays Sookie to the tee as she is described in the books, at least in my opinion. She’s among great talent all around though. Stephen Moyer plays the conflicted Bill Compton. Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte is right on as well when looking back to the shows novel origins. My personal favorite is Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Norhman though. He has the bad-boy vampire thing down. Pair that with his abs, his primal vampire lust and danger, you’ll find yourself  in the grasp of quite a bit of tension.

So yes, I am obsessed with a TV show and it is True Blood. I almost hate to admit it. Vampires have never interested me and with the recent explosion over Twilight, I grew to dislike them even more. Thankfully, True Blood isn’t for teeny-boppers. It is very much a show for mature audiences. So if you like just a bit of fantasy, mystery, plenty of suspense and some steamy sex scenes, I definitely recommend True Blood.

Season 4 begins this Sunday, June 26 at 9pm on HBO.

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True Blood is Back!!

Sundays at 9 p.m.

Well, unless you live under a rock somewhere, I am sure you have heard HBO is coming alive once again with two of the greatest shows on TV today, Entourage and of course, True Blood.

Entourage begins in just 10 days with the season 7 premiere on Sunday, June 27.


Personally, though not exactly the best episode yet, it was still pretty damn awesome. I am not one to be big into the vampire scene generally, BUT I can’t get enough of Sookie’s virginal good girl gone bad role. Suddenly, this ‘lil blonde girl is commanding her small town’s attention and respect for her neighborhood vamps, saving 2,000 year old vampire sheriffs and, of course, diffusing the Maryanne situation (hypnotic Dionysian temptress/mind-possessing rapist corrupts the townsfolk), all while maintaining an intensely “healthy” relationship with her vampire beau, Bill Compton.

True Blood really has it all…violence, action, betrayal, love, lust…it’s like the greatest soft-core porno with a surprisingly intricate plot. I’m not going to lie though, there was one over the top oddly placed scene in this past Sunday’s episode that really just made me scratch my head…

I really did not see that coming at all nor do I fully understand exactly how it fit into the storyline. It did grab my attention, however it seemed a bit choppy and distracting from the other developing components.  I guess, just one instance where the lusty porno appeal took control.

{Update: I’ve since read the books…& I totally get it now. The blood bond they share makes them lust for one another! Don’t know why I didn’t understand that from the show.}

Date night

Nonetheless, I really love this show. For the first time my boyfriend and I don’t have to compromise on what we are going to watch. It is the ultimate addition to any date night. I definitely suggest you grab someone you’re not particularly shy around and make a memorable time staying in and devoting the night to all that is True Blood. 😉

Little side note–Interestingly enough, True Blood is actually based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris, which I was not aware of until I looked more into the show and its creation. If the books are as steamy as the show, I’m going to have to check them out.

Silly fangbangers. V is for Vampires.




Jason: What am I thinking about right now – like in my brain.

Arleen: Shit I’m pregnant again.

Lafayette: Hey, you forgot your rings.

Arleen: Fuck the rings.

Jason: I’m starting to believe that the truth is poison.

Bill: I’ll take a shower now, unless you care to join me.

Sam: You can have the shirt off my back if you want it.

Bill: I’ll take what I can get.

Sookie: Doing this? For the last six hours?!

Eric: You seemed surprised. Is Bill’s stamina not enough?

Sookie: I’m in no mood for lesbian weirdness tonight Pam.

Andy: Say it with me! Conscious off – dick on and everything’s gonna be alright.

Kidnapper 1: That’s gay.

Kidnapper 2: And playing with your titties in a car full of guys isn’t?

Sookie: I didn’t say yes.

Jessica: You rejected him?

Tara: I don’t know what I expect – trash is as trash does.

Kidnapper: (to Bill) How bout you just call us the fuck you crew.

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Bakery is Closed.

So, the cloud has begun to dissipate, your stomach is screaming at you for eating that bag of sour cream and onion chips, the peanut butter-bacon-banana and Jelly sandwich, the bag of sour gummy worms, that old chocolate chip muffin and oh yeah, that entire Buffalo chicken Hawaiian pizza and now it’s back to the real world (at least for some of you).

As a graduating college senior, I am no stranger to the festivities that take place on 4/20. For the past three years, I have experienced more cheezed out, red-eyed, oblivious reefer fanatics than I could ever begin to count. Not all of them being students, mind you. So, to you who celebrated the so-called Supreme Stoner New year, I hope you had a very merry lit and loaded holiday.

Whether you are a subscriber to High Times with Cheech and Chong as your lifetime idols or “smizzling the whizzle” just isn’t your thing, I think everyone should check out this silly cartoon short, Adventure Time.

Adventure Time is this random cartoon about a boy, Finn, and his best friend, Jake, an all-knowing 28-year-old dog with magical powers, my friends and I found on YouTube. I believe the full-series is either airing soon or already airing on Cartoon Network. Enjoy!

Quotes are great, quotes are nice

Finn:”This guys like 50 pa-toots!”
Finn: “Mathematical!”
Jake: “That was totally math!”
Finn: “Rhombus!”
Finn: “Ice to meet you”
Finn: “Snow problem”
Finn: “What’s going on….Abraham Lincoln?”
Lincoln: “Finn, your mind has been transported back in time..and to Mars.”
Jake: “Hey! Sloppy milkshake, why don’t you pick on someone your own size.”
Jake:” I don’t see any adventures going on anywhere. I think we’re good to just sit here for a while and just talk about our feelings.”

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What’s With the Title?

This is of course, my very first blog post so I figured I had to explain the title. Have you ever seen It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? No? Okay, well you must!

Sunny in Philly is going into its 6th season of completely crude, crazy and controversial adventures of “the gang” – Frank, Dennis, Mac, Sweet Dee and of course my favorite Charlie-a bunch of drunken idiots who run Paddy’s Pub in South Philly. They continually think of ridiculous schemes that  usually consist of them breaking up and conspiring against each other while employing some form of manipulation and blackmail.  I believe they are airing re-runs on comedy central with the new 6th season airing on FX sometime next fall.

If you can handle the politically incorrect humor and nonsense, I would most definitely suggest you check it out. It is completely ludicrous in every single way imaginable, but that is of course why I adore it.

So, as for the title of my blog, that comes from the third season episode titled “The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation”.

Charlie: Ohhhhhhhh shit! Look at that door, dude. See that door there? The one marked “Pirate”? You think a pirate lives in there?

Dennis: I see a door marked “Private.” Is that the door you’re talking about?

Charlie: Nah, I was talking abou…I didn’t say…did you…what did you hear?

Dennis: I heard you say “There was a door marked pirate living in there.”

Charlie: Well are we gonna talk about pirates all day or are we gonna see what’s living in there?

Dennis: You’re the one that….Jesus Christ man, shit.

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