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  • Remember to breathe
  • make small karma payments every now and then
  • read “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn
  • Listen to Pink Floyd while watching an old movie on mute
  • don’t own fish
  • watch Donnie Darko
  • understand how to use BitComet
  • go to a protest, even if you don’t agree with the protest
  • wear more yellow
  • Don’t smoke. **edited**
  • Read Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, just not together or in one sitting
  • locate your parent’s music collection to help understand who they were and are now
  • realize you are not as fat, stupid, or unattractive as you think you are
  • realize there is a difference between love and lust
  • never date ex-significant others – trust me
  • realize that people will die even if you don’t want them to
  • think of yourself a red and your lover as blue and your relationship as a vibrant purple – and watch for color changes
  • try everything once, minus the bad things
  • realize your definitions of bad things will change over time
  • question authority, think for yourself and read up on the guy that coined that last phrase
  • read “Culture of Make Believe” by Derrick Jensen
  • listen to your parents but realize that though they are wise in their years and experiences they are not always right or know what to do
  • send a dollar bill in the mail to someone at random at least once a year
  • be cautious of anyone that uses terms like “truth” or “freedom” all of the time
  • read what you believe but don’t always believe what you read
  • locate more sources of information than just your TV
  • learn how to make yourself smile
  • realize you are more privileged than many other people in the world
  • ask small children what the meaning of life is and believe them when they tell you
  • pay attention to the details
  • watch “Mindwalk” until it clicks
  • have at least one best friend you are attracted to and never sleep with them
  • change your favorite color for a while and see how it goes
  • don’t close your eyes before suffering
  • realize the Ying-Yang is one symbol, not two
  • meditate
  • dance on purpose
  • realize there are always more than two sides to any issue
  • understand propaganda
  • read more
  • trust yourself
  • move to another country for a while or travel for a great length of time
  • realize when someone tells you they just want to be friends they mean something else
  • realize when you do the same
  • know that the odds are in your favor that you will find someone else
  • realize power roles in your family
  • look up more than you look down, forward more than back
  • go through your old photos and look at the people in the background
  • listen more than talk when you get the chance
  • ask why more than replying because
  • teach
  • look at yourself from outside of yourself
  • realize people suffer because they hang on to things
  • be honest with your friends until you weed our all of the acquaintances
  • argue for something you don’t agree with on occasion
  • look at other people looking at other people
  • realize life is bigger than you and your worlds
  • watch the moon for an hour
  • Stumble
  • get a bowl of water, shake enough pepper on the water to coat the top, put a drop of dish soap on your finger and stick it into the water – and realize the reaction you get is the same reaction you will get if you always told the truth
  • get into an argument and lose it on purpose
  • read Bukowski
  • learn another language
  • on occasion, be empathetic to a fault
  • give more than take
  • realize that everything taught to you could have easily learned on your own had you wanted to begin with
  • and remember to breathe.

If you want to feel incredibly uncomfortable for 86 minutes…

Then you really must watch Catfish (2010). Such a crazy film!

You actually won’t feel uncomfortable the whole time, but just the way events play out you’ll be laughing, you’ll be sad, you’ll be shocked, you’ll be scared.

It really gets you thinking about human nature and the extent some people will go to fulfill voids in their lives through the veil of the Internet. Everyone should watch this film, especially in this day & age.

Have you seen Catfish?  What did you think?


I just need to share this….

WordPress tells you how people get to your blog. Today, it has informed me that someone ended up on my blog via the search result…

stick it up your butt emoticon

Yes, I am beyond baffled. I tried it myself. I Googled “Stick it up your butt emoticon.” I couldn’t find my blog anywhere among the results. Hmmm…I guess, I shouldn’t care how you get here as long as you get here. Still, I just want to make it known, I don’t even know what the “stick it up your butt emoticon” looks like nor have I ever used anything remotely along those lines. I don’t use emoticons much…but honestly I’m curious to see what this one looks like.

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Beginning of a blogroll

Hey guys!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m still in the beginning phases (as you can tell) of building my personal blog. I’m looking to expand and post a new blogroll on my sidebar and I was hoping you can help me out!?! Make suggestions, post links to your blogs, send me in the right direction and I’ll consider adding them to the blogroll.

{Update} So, I’ve been checking out tons of blogs on & off today. I have found SO MANY great blogs out there!!! It really excites me and gives me tons of great ideas. It’s going to take me a few days to put together a blogroll so here’s a list of some great blogs I saw today.

  1. Love Life Lies
  2. Head in the Clouds
  3. Our Semi Organic Life
  4. Memoirs of a Pilgrim
  5. Lariats and Lavender
  6. Losers I’ve Loved and Lost


Thanks for your help 🙂

Is making beer can chicken…

Pics 🙂

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Pork roast with winter veggies

I’m no chef. I did try a new recipe tonight though!

I’ve never cooked pork before in my life. It was a super easy recipe from a cook book I got for Christmas. I decided to take a few pics just for the fun of it.

If you’re mildly interested in the recipe, let me know! I’m more than happy to share. 🙂

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Day eleven–Alive

One moment during which you felt most alive this year.

The weight of the wine she just inhaled on the train was heavy in her stomach. It felt like she had somehow managed to get the glass bottle down her throat too. She didn’t seem to mind too much because as soon as she got inside she accepted an over-priced beer from her date and boyfriend. Then another. And another. And maybe one more? They had taken the short train ride into the city to see Matt&Kim play at Webster Hall. She really liked them a few months earlier at the Siren Festival. She was excited to see them play again.

As expected they were great. The girl was a bit beyond tipsy and got the idea in her head she wanted to do something a ‘lil bit crazy. She turned to her boyfriend and gave him a silent look. She hoped he could read her mind.

“Hey babe, I want to do that. Throw me up there pleaseeeeee.” Their eyes had a brief conversation and a second later her boyfriend and the stranger next to him were throwing her up into the air and on to the crowd. Time froze. She didn’t feel anything below her, no hands, no heads. It was smooth like she was floating on a wave headed to shore. It was silent and all she saw were the bright lights and balloons dancing around her. She and both members of the band were the only ones in the room. Until, She was thrown over the metal barrier crashing into the stage and down onto her ass. It didn’t matter though. She couldn’t feel much now anyway. It was all over in a maximum of 4 seconds. But, it was worth it.

She was a complete mess. Her hair was glued to the side of her face wet with sweat. She probably wreaked like her sister’s hockey equipment and she probably looked like she was just hit by a sanitation truck. She didn’t care. She’d been with her boyfriend for three years now and he’s had to have seen worse. She was confident that even though she looked like she was recently released from the nut house, he was happy because she was truly enjoying herself.

BUT all that music and beer makes the couple pretty hungry. They turn the corner. Score! Street meat. Two orders of chicken and rice with extra hot sauce and a short walk later, they are back in Grand Central.

They have some time before their train leaves. Sitting on the ground indian style, the girl is people watching. Even in her slightly clouded state she watches the people come and go wondering where they’re headed, if anywhere at all. She’s absorbed in making up elaborate stories of the travelers’ destinations and of course, the best meal she’s ever had, when she hears his hiccup. She turns to him suddenly ready to pounce. She finds his hiccups hysterical. How the high-pitched yelp of a preadolescent boy can come from his 6 foot 2 Rugby frame is beyond her. She turns towards him, instantaneously he turns towards her. They both hiccup! Looking into each other’s eyes they smile. The girl gives out a small giggle. They turn away and go back to eating.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★Christmas★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
…˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚   | 田田 |門| ˚ ♥ Peace on Earth ♥

Another dream of mine…

Meet Cooper

I heard a 10-second radio spot about fostering shelter pets. Abandoned or abused pets are placed in a home to rehabilitate them into a suitable house pet. The animals get the love and attention they need  while a permanent home is found–the same idea as foster homes for children. I’ve decided it is my dream to one day provide a sanctuary for shelter pets. I can absolutely imagine myself as a foster mama.

I would LOVE offer myself and home to an animal in need. Love. Love. Love. It’s sort of a selfish thing to do because I get so much pleasure out of being around animals. I used to want to be an animal cop taking down the heartless scum who abuse and neglect helpless animals. But no. I’d rather try to pass on the love and light to animals who may have never had the opportunity to feel genuine care before.

I hope one day, I have the time, means and support of my family to care for animals that need me.

Meet Lillian

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Day four–Let go

What or Whom did I let go of this year and why?

Oof. I don’t know why, but I’ve had great difficulty thinking of things to write about today. I think the most important thing I’ve let go of this year has been sadness. I don’t have the greatest explanation of why I was sad in the first place, honestly. I think I was just so dependent on what everyone thought, or didn’t think, of me. I was so caught up on other people who I lost grasp of the many, many things that make me so incredibly happy.

Evil outsiders imprinted it in my brain that I needed to fit into a certain mold. My education, my relationship, my tastes, my friends, all of my decisions needed to be like those of “people my age”.

It took me a while, but I’ve come to realize that it just takes way too much energy to do what you believe others expect from you. Truth is, I expect more from myself than anyone I know expects out of me. Suppressing who I am is exhausting. I just do what I want, when I want now. I say what I’m thinking and I’m focused on thinking the right things.

In all of this, I’ve let go negativity. I’ve weeded out the people who bring me down, who are jealous, the people who thrive on drama, the immature people, people who don’t strive for anything and the people who take advantage. The negative energy these people bring into my life just isn’t worth it. Instead, I use my energy to become SO GRATEFUL for the people who encourage me to shine, the people who listen, and the people who genuinely care.

Thank you to those important people.

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