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Dogs Decoded

I just finished watching this amazing Nova documentary called Dogs Decoded. I realize documentaries are extremely lame and unexciting to some people but not to me, not at all. The thrill of learning something I never would have guessed excites me. Ask me what my favorite animals is. Go ahead. Yes, it’s dogs. I love them and I love all of them. Are you beginning to see why I enjoyed this short lil film so much??

The documentary was great because it focused on the scientific reasoning and evidence that proves dogs really are man’s best friend. It digs into the bond owners have with dogs. Did you know dogs have the ability to read facial expressions? I didn’t either. Dogs have the ability to follow non-verbal cues, cues that not even chimps, our closest relatives, are able to pick up on. It was quite interesting.

My dog knows when I’m sad or not feeling well. I swear she does. I physically feel her motions become more fluid, her actions become more tender and she instantly calms down. To my surprise, she sees it in my eyes!  Also, dogs have actually developed a form of communication (barking) that they only use to communicate with humans. Apparently, dogs don’t actually communicate by looking at the faces of other dogs or even barking in certain tones and frequencies as they do with humans.

The film also went into the origin of dogs. So INCREDIBLY interesting. Dogs are, of course, descendents from gray wolves, but what was so interesting was how or why so many different looking dog breeds came about. As it turns out, different breeds came about because as you domesticate animals, or breed them based on desirable personality traits, the physical appearance also changes. Researchers conducted tests with domesticating wolves to rule out simple nurturing. As people grew into basically wanting dogs less for farm tasks, we began focusing on what we want our dogs to look like. Mostly people wanted their dogs to look infantile. You know why? Because humans naturally have a desire to nurture. So we want dogs that resemble and act like cute little puppies. Humans actually develop such close bonds with dogs because we secrete oxytocin, a nine amino acid peptide that is synthesized in hypothalamus, also known as the love hormone and the dog does too. This hormone is what is released when a woman has a baby and instantly feels connected to the little stranger, and why we adore our dogs.

The film went into the experimental processes that were carried out to find all this information. In Siberia, for example, scientists bred silver foxes until the foxes were domesticated and docile. This is basically the same process wolves underwent to become dogs only at an intensely accelerated rate. Around generation 8 is when scientists notice the physical changes in the docile foxes’ babies. The main researcher thinks silver foxes may be an eventual house pet because they are independent like a cat but affectionate like a dog.

There is so much more to learn in this short little 53 minute documentary. I really suggest you check it out. Now, you know what a huge nerd I truly am but all the same it’s incredibly fascinating.

I’ve found a free version here if you’d like to check it out.

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Day thirteen–Last item purchased

A photo of the item you last purchased.

The last item I purchased was a dog diaper and panty liners. My dog has her period.

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Cranky days happen

Note to self: When you are feeling kinda cranky, maybe a little lonely, bored, forgotten, depressed and grumpy, just remember that the funny looking animals in the next room always love you, and they will always make you smile.

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Day six–Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, must I be so fat?…

She looks in the mirror and what does she see? Well, to be honest she sees everything that is wrong with her physically. She could choose to focus on the extra chunk around the middle…and top and bottom and…ok, all around. She doesn’t want to be one of those girls though. She’s a beautiful person even if it is mostly on the inside. It is more than some people, she keeps telling herself.

She knows she shouldn’t focus on her pale, somewhat translucent, skin or her ski jump of a nose. She shouldn’t even notice that one little tooth poking out of line. Her eyes shouldn’t glide over every curve and wrinkle. Her big flabby arms and teeny little wrists, shouldn’t really bug her. She should forgive herself for making her once beautiful lips victims of her nervous lip bite. She should, she would, she could…but she probably won’t.

She’s typical in every single way. She is one of those girls. She knows an appearance is just that, an appearance. It matters to her, ohhhh it matters to her. But, she’s intelligent. She’s no dummy. Somethings just matter more. She’s grateful she is who she is. She does like her eye lashes. Her hands are little and perfect for holding. She’s short, but she fits in his arms so perfectly. She is soft and squishy, but she makes the best pillow. Her chinchillas chillax on her boobies so well and her puppies find her belly makes for the perfect leaping pad. She’s warm and she’s loving. You can trust her with your life, I promise. She’s calm and collected. She’ll tell you like it is. She’s happy and content and even likes some of her flaws. There is always room for improvement. She’s a work in progress but aren’t we all?

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Another dream of mine…

Meet Cooper

I heard a 10-second radio spot about fostering shelter pets. Abandoned or abused pets are placed in a home to rehabilitate them into a suitable house pet. The animals get the love and attention they need  while a permanent home is found–the same idea as foster homes for children. I’ve decided it is my dream to one day provide a sanctuary for shelter pets. I can absolutely imagine myself as a foster mama.

I would LOVE offer myself and home to an animal in need. Love. Love. Love. It’s sort of a selfish thing to do because I get so much pleasure out of being around animals. I used to want to be an animal cop taking down the heartless scum who abuse and neglect helpless animals. But no. I’d rather try to pass on the love and light to animals who may have never had the opportunity to feel genuine care before.

I hope one day, I have the time, means and support of my family to care for animals that need me.

Meet Lillian

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Day two-Proud of…

I knew this blog was coming up. I’ve honestly thought about it all day. The truth is there isn’t much in my life I am NOT proud of…

I’m proud of my family and friends, where they’ve gotten themselves in their own lives and our relationships.

I’m proud of myself. I took a giant leap leaving my hometown when I went away to college. It wasn’t the popular thing to do in my circle of friends at the time and I was the shy one back then. I’m proud that I had an amazing college career while still getting my work done and doing it well. I have fun but I work hard too.  I’m proud I was accepted into graduate school months before I was even 21-years-old. Today, I learned I got a 4.0!

I’m immensely proud of my relationship. Relationships are difficult especially throughout the college years when both people tend to change and grow into themselves. I truly love my boyfriend. I’m proud of him.

I know it’s weird, but I am also proud of my animals. I love my little Lillian. That dog is the sweetest, cuddliest dog in the whole world. Her love for my family makes me proud. I’m proud my chinchillas too. They are so cute & becoming friendlier everyday (they’re still babies). My animals are my babies!

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