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Day fifteen–Person I wish I could be

The person that you wish you could be…

That girl is mostly who I am…except…

You’re beautiful. You’re tiny weighing 40 lbs less. You are fit. In fact, exercising is fun for you, something you look forward to everyday. You always find exciting activities that keep the exercise plan extremely fun. Everyday you have the energy to do new things. Your hair is always done, looking shiny, smooth and cute. You have no idea the word split-end exists. Your nails are always painted and never chipped. Your skin is completely clear and soft with a healthy tan. Your make-up has a way of always being tasteful and natural looking but not boring. Amazingly it never smudges. You have your own unique sense of style and you’re perfectly put together even if you’re just relaxing in sweats. Yes, you’re beautiful and you don’t even care.

You’re incredible in other ways too, though. You’re ultra intelligent without even trying. This perfect you sees her brain as her most valuable asset. Everyday you keep up on important issues. You’re into politics and world issues. The newspaper is read every single day without fail. You take on the causes that mean the most to you.  Your free time is spent making a difference. You live a green life and care deeply for the environment. You try to do your part.

You love with your whole heart and you let everyone know what they mean to you. You always answer texts within seconds and you’ve never missed a call. Whenever anyone calls and you always have the energy to listen to their issues. The right advice dwells inside you whatever the problem

You have the perfect job, which you adore. Waking up day after day, you look forward to work and the people you work with. You’re bursting with natural talents and most things come easy to you. You write for fun and get paid to do so. You have total independence and that doesn’t scare you one bit. When your car breaks down you know what’s broken and never get scammed. You have enough money for yourself with some left over to help others. You’ve got your shit together because you’re strong and confident but the size of your heart is clear to everyone in your life.

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