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I’m proud to announce… I have my first ever guest blogger, Neha!

I’ve been working on a little blog PR with 20SB. They host these huge Blog Swaps where you are given a partner and post on eachother’s blogs. It is a great way to reach readers you may have never reached before.

This blog swap’s topic was summertime. Without further ado here is a lovely summertime poem by Neha…

I am home

A fairy tale came sat by me

tonight she helps me sleep
Weaving intricate designs to be
Patterns of shared memories

Sparkling chandelier glows in dark
Rusty strings come alive
Casting spells of loves to come
Just like bitter sweet strawberries

Smells of fields and sounds of forest
Painted skies and the man on moon
Shimmering stars and distant lights
Whisper my name, welcome me home

Yes I am home
Tonight I am free
From nightmares that claimed me…..

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